About Us

What does Global Business Coaching Limited offer?

We provide expert coaching services for a myriad of workforce issues.
We work in collaboration with other qualified coaches who are experts in leadership, relationship, business and success to assist companies in coaching employees; resolving conflicts; preventing bullies and problematic dramas at work; helping employees to make goals and meet their milestones; dealing with appraisals; and helping employees and directors to stay focused and keep their personal and professional values in line with the values of the company they work for.
We guarantee our support for the Human Resources Department.
In collaboration with world-renowned HR support companies, we assist the Human Resources Department in writing their legal contracts, making sure that they are up to date with their Health & Safety, and dealing with their legal affairs pertaining to dismissals and tribunals.
We create effective programs for the executive positions.
Our Executive and Leadership programs help managers and CEOs to identify their milestones, set game changing goals and create an action plan to achieve goals, especially when the company is undergoing transition. We strongly adhere to the idea that every person can be a leader in what they do, and with the right and timely coaching, people can take the leap and achieve even more than the goals they set for themselves.
We work for a wide range of industries.
Coaching has to be accessible for all start-ups and small companies. We truly believe regardless of the obstacles and challenges businesses encounter, if the employees of a company are truly engaged and feel welcome as part of a team with the owner and the executives, the company will go a long way.