How can you keep your employees engaged?

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December 31, 2018
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What would make a business successful? A Good Team of employees! No brainer.
A good team would make a simple idea into a very profitable business.

If you are running a business, your biggest asset and the best investment you can make is on hiring motivated candidates and keeping them motivated and empowered throughout the entire life of your position.

Employee engagement which is a relatively a new concept that HR consultants use, and by engaged employee they mean someone who is fully committed in their roles, inspired by their job, enthusiastic, and care about the future of the company.

The first question to ask is what are the benefits of employee engagement for a company? And then how can you make and maintain employee engagement within a company?

The simple proofed answer to this question is that there is a strong relationship between employee engagement and the company performance. This way employees can see a future aligned with their vision within the company which we call a good employee retention plan.

Now, employee engagement for many employers is pay rise only. Whereas studies have shown that employee engagement is far more than that.

Studies show that in any given company only 29% of employees are actively engaged and deliver their job passionately and therefore can be considered as company’s true asset. 54% of employees are not engaged, meaning they do sleep walking at work as opposed to really motivated working.

Now another 17% of employees are truly disengaged. Their main focus is bulling their boss and co-workers, and causing disruption in the workflow of the company.

Here are few tips to increase employee engagement within a company.

Pay attention to your relationship with your employees and rest assured that the professional attention that you give to your employees will make employees to perform at top level.

Make sure you give them direction, tasks, trainings and a good five-year career development plan. Employees enjoy constructive challenges and feedback. This will add to their confidence and happiness and in return they generate more results .

Talk about the vision and values of your company with your employees. Let them feel they are part of a strong, and safe team.

Appraise your employees for their strong performance. Give them recognition.

In the end make sure you as a company owner are also growing and working on your personal and Professional Development. Your vision and your confidence is the strongest behaviour that will bleed through the company and will shape the structure, habits, and values of a company.

Quite understandably these all above is a lot to expect from a CEO or a company owner. This leadership behaviour can also be settled and automated within a company via an Executive Coach, Interim Manager or an employee coach, it will become one of company values.

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