Elham Peyfoon

With a PHD in Science, Dr. Elham Peyfoon has made it her personal ambition to assist individuals and companies in achieving their ultimate potential.

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A company with an efficient workforce has a much brighter future than a company that is beset by conflicts and problems due to poor management and performance, especially of its employees. With a stable and reliable workforce, businesses can run as smoothly as possible, have an increase in their productivity and make progress more consistently. For such reasons, successful companies greatly value the importance of human resources.

We understand that you only want the best for your employees, from entry-level to executive positions. Our dynamic founder Elham Peyfoon, Ph.D., an Executive & Leadership Coach, established Global Business Coaching Limited with a goal to help companies build a strong and solid workforce to achieve success.




Here at Global Executive Coaching, we partner with incredibly creative and caring ... Global Executive Coaching should be Global Business Coaching.

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Our HR Support package includes everything required to support the Human Resources Department within a company.

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Our Interim Managers work on a contract basis and possess relevant skills and abilities to take over a project for a limited period of time.

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Your business can grow beyond your imagination, if you have a trustworthy, capable and knowledgeable team behind you.

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  • Elham is a good example of someone who dedicates her life to empower people to make them feel confident and happy! She has a strong personality and is very ambitious!
  • Nasim
    One of the most valuable gifts that Global Business Coaching gave me was to highlight and organize my mind map and my interests and passion. With their help, I started to pay attention to everything that people would take me accountable for.
  • Sara Fard Design
    I'm just very thankful to what Global Business Coaching did. They made me realize what I am cable of, to search for my passion and follow it, If it wasn't for them I would have been stuck in my old job forever! Global Business Coaching helped me step by step of this transition in my working life.